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Power Flushing Wolverhampton

Reduce the Need for Expensive Repairs

Power Flushing Wolverhampton

Over time, your radiators will rust internally which produces Black Iron Oxide (commonly known as ‘Sludge). Left untreated this may cause long term damage to your gas central heating system. The sludge will move around the system causing blocked pipes and values to your boiler. This is noticed with cold spots in your radiators reducing the efficiency of your gas central heating system.

CH Plumbing and Heating Services offer power flushing in Wolverhampton and all surrounding regions. Power flushing cleans your whole system using a corrosion inhibitor improving your gas central heating efficiency and dramatically reducing your gas bills and carbon footprint. Our trained Gas Safe Engineers are able to complete the Power Flushing process in just one day without any disruption to your property

power flushing wolverhampton